An Analysis of the General Laws Amendment Act (2016) by ZESN

The General Laws Amendment Act (GLAA) was gazetted and became part of the laws of the land on 1 July 2016. The GLAA took an omnibus approach to amend and attempt to align 126 Acts with the Constitution. Prior to GLAA’s enactment and passage in parliament, the Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) had made submissions specific to the portions relating to the amendment of the Electoral Act. The analysis focusses on the extent to which the latest amendments address the concerns around the electoral law…read more

Biometric Voter Registration: Lessons from Ugandan polls

On February 18, I went to Uganda to observe the presidential and parliamentary elections there. This was the first election to be held using the biometric voter registration (BVR) system in Uganda. The first lesson I learnt was that BVR and the use of ICTs is not a silver bullet to all electoral challenges. While the BVR machines worked well, they were a number of shortcomings, in particular the electoral environment… read more

ZESN All Stakeholders Conference Presentations


It is highly unlikely that the delimitation process will be completed in time for the report and maps to be adopted for use in the 2018 elections, as the delimitation process must be completed six months before any election. Another challenge will be availability of the new maps and boundaries to all stakeholders including civil society organisations in time for adequate voter education…more

2018 or 2023 Summary of opinions on delimitation in Zimbabwe

The last delimitation exercise in Zimbabwe was carried out in 2008, shortly before the harmonised elections held on 29 March. By the time the 2018 elections are held, Zimbabwe would have gone 10 years without any delimitation of electoral boundaries. The  Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is currently carrying out a Mapping Boundary Verification exercise which  commenced on  the 18th January 2017 and is expected to end on 4th April 2017…more

Mass Biometric Voter registration – Lessons from Kenya 

Recently, ZESN observed the Mass Voter Registration process in Kenya, where Kenyans were registering using the Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) system which Zimbabwe is about to adopt for the 2018 Elections. The learning missions  to Kenya was an eye opener especially given  that Kenya was doing the BVR exercise for the second time before a major election having done BVR prior to their 2013 elections…more