Ballot Update, Issue no 15 September 2010

The month under review saw elections remain high on the political agenda as evidence by various media reports on Zimbabwe’s readiness for elections and the subsequent instruction by President Mugabe to “budget for elections in 2011”. In addition, COPAC concluded the constitutional Reform Outreach process in most parts of the country except for Harare. Harare witnessed open……. : more

Opportunity and Risk in the Proposed Polling Station-Based

One of the major features of the proposed electoral reforms is the possible introduction of a localised voting system which will be conducted using polling station-based voters’ rolls. This means a voter will only vote at the polling-station at which his or her name appears on the voters’ roll. This is significantly different from the present system whereby voters can vote at any polling station within the ward…….. : more

Zambia elections – lessons for Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe Election Support Network sent a 15 member mission to observe Zambia‘s tripartite elections held on the 20th of September 2011. The objectives of the mission were multifaceted and included; to observe the Zambia’s electoral processes, to explore and understand civil society initiatives within and around the electoral process. Lastly, the mission sought to glean lessons and insights to inform Zimbabweans as we prepare for the referendum and the general elections in the future….. : more


The independence of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (hereafter, “the Commission”) is a critical issue in the management and conduct of elections. It has the role of the umpire in the elections and for that reason must exercise its powers fairly and impartially treating each contestant equally and without fear or favour. Unfortunately, the Commission and its predecessor, the Electoral Supervisory…… …. : more