Who we are

The Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) formed in 2000 is a coalition of 37 non-governmental organisations formed to co-ordinate activities pertaining to elections. The major focus of the Network is to promote democratic processes in general and free and fair elections in particular.

It was also established to standardise the NGOs election related activities and methodology as well as to ensure wider geographical coverage and co-ordination of activities. The broad aim of the Network was therefore to enhance the election process in Zimbabwe in order to promote democracy and good governance in general as well as free and fair elections in particular whilst adhering to internationally acceptable standards.

These were charismatic men, each in their own way, was fascinating to observe and to engage. Anyone watching, listening or even simply reading the text of rally and stump speeches can feel the energy and sincerity of their beliefs .

A Zimbabwe where a democratic electoral environment and processes are upheld.

To promote democratic elections in Zimbabwe.