ERC & ZESN Deploy Observers for 2022 Voter Registration Blitz and Provides Analysis of Phase 1 List of Registration Centres


As part of their commitment to support democratic development and promote credible, transparent,
and accountable electoral processes in Zimbabwe, the Election Resource Centre (ERC) and Zimbabwe
Election Support Network (ZESN) are observing the voter registration blitz on an independent and
nonpartisan basis for all Zimbabweans. The joint observation effort will provide citizens and key
stakeholders with accurate, timely, and credible information on the voter registration blitz.

ERC/ZESN Methodology

In order to gather factual and verifiable information on the conduct of the 2022 voter registration blitz,
ERC and ZESN deployed one volunteer per constituency who will observe periodically throughout
the entire voter registration process and provide weekly reports on the political environment. These
individuals were carefully recruited from local communities following a strict criterion and adhering
to gender balance. These observers underwent a thorough training program on the conduct of the voter
registration process, direction on what to observe, and when to report during the voter registration
period. Additionally, while at the training observers signed a code of conduct acknowledging that they
were non-partisan. ZESN and ERC will release periodic reports on the inclusivity, transparency and
accountability of the voter registration blitz.

See the full report here