Electoral Conflict Management Mechanisms

There are several causes of election related conflicts, some of which are directly related to the administration of the process, but in many instances simmering political tensions experienced during the in-between elections find expression during election periods. In order for credible and legitimate elections to take place, especially in a post-conflict society or in a country that is plagued by political conflict it is critically important that the constitutional and legislative framework for the elections are clearly spelt out in the Constitution and the electoral laws and regulations. It is also necessary that the framework appropriately reflects the material conditions of the country rather than creating benchmarks that are totally unattainable for any of the contesting parties. For example, in a country where the society is polarized, it is particularly important that a level playing field is secured, through legislation, for all parties to have access to the electorate in order to campaign without fear of reprisals and without “no-go” areas….. : more