Electoral Bill, 2004: Draft Act Proposed By Zesn

This draft Act will repeal and replace the existing Electoral Act [Chapter 2:01]. This new Act will alter the previous Act in a number of respects that are summarised below. This draft Act must be read together with other draft legislation produced by ZESN, namely a draft containing proposed provisions in the Constitution relating to the composition of Parliament and electoral matters and a draft Independent Electoral Commission Act. …. : more

The Zimabwe Electoral Commission Bill (HB 18,2004) : A Commentary

A democratic system of governance is a system in which the people elect the government and, if they are dissatisfied with its performance, can vote it out of power at the next election and replace it with a new government. In such systems there is equal and universal adult suffrage.One of the most important democratic rights is the right of the people to freely choose who will govern the country. Linked to this, those who aspire to govern must be able to campaign freely and to try to persuade voters to vote them into power….. : more

Submission To The Public Hearing Of Portfolio Committee On Public Service, Labour And Social Welfare On The Ngo Bill

Civic society has always been involved in governance issues. Indeed, in 1995, owing to pressure from civic society, the Government amended Electoral Regulations [Electoral (Amendment) Regulations 1/95, Statutory Instrument 70/95] and included civic society as election monitors. Thereafter in 2000, the Government promulgated the Electoral (Amendment) Regulations 7/2000 Statutory Instrument 161A/2000, which set out the qualifications for monitors and drew a distinction between “monitor” and “observer”. The promulgation of the various instruments thus permitted civic society to fully participate in governance issues. Statutory Instrument 41B/2002 puts provisions for the Electoral Supervisory Commission to accredit observers from civic society organisations through the Accreditation Committee. …. : more

Gender perspectives

On November 3, 1992 when a young Bill Clinton heard that he had won the elections as the new president of USA one of the things he said to his wife was… “Had the world been a better and fairer place you would have been the one celebrating this presidency today, because you are better suited for the job than me……. : more

Presidentialism and Constitutionalism in Africa: “Third Term” phenomenon/ extension of tenure; the Zambian experience

Constitutional developments that have taken place in Africa are mainly seen in the context of the colonial constitutions. It is trite to conclude that although Africa has posted several positive constitutional developments during the post colonial period, there have also been major erosions, reversals and general developments that have occurred which have tended to undermine the struggle for progressive constitutionalism. …. : more