Gender perspectives

On November 3, 1992 when a young Bill Clinton heard that he had won the elections as the new president of USA one of the things he said to his wife was… “Had the world been a better and fairer place you would have been the one celebrating this presidency today, because you are better suited for the job than me……. : more

Presidentialism and Constitutionalism in Africa: “Third Term” phenomenon/ extension of tenure; the Zambian experience

Constitutional developments that have taken place in Africa are mainly seen in the context of the colonial constitutions. It is trite to conclude that although Africa has posted several positive constitutional developments during the post colonial period, there have also been major erosions, reversals and general developments that have occurred which have tended to undermine the struggle for progressive constitutionalism. …. : more

Regulation Of Political Parties Zimbabwe: Registration, Finance And Other Support

The now defunct Electoral Supervisory Commission (ESC) in its valedictory report on the Senatorial elections and the Gutu House of Assembly by-election of November 2005 notes that the absence of laws for the registration of political parties had led to the emergence of ‘fly-by-night’ political parties. It then recommended that to curb this tendency, political parties should be formally registered….. : more