ZESN Projections – Population by Ward & Gender

At the time of writing this paper, Zimbabwe has entered the 4th stage of its new biometric voter registration (BVR) for the 2018 harmonised elections. The current and ongoing BVR blitz is expected to end on 19 December 2017. However, there is already conversation on the possibility of extending the BVR blitz owing to reportedly low voter registration turnout. Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) is fully behind the idea of extending the blitz to allow potential voters to register to vote. Thus, in light of the low voter turnout recorded to-date 4,173,897 by end of registration of 12 December 2018 according to Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) website), ZESN continues to call for concerted efforts and channelling of resources towards ensuring that all eligible voters are registered so that they able to vote come 2018…more