ZESN AND ERC Report on Phase 2 of Voter Registration April 11 – 30, 2022

As a build-up towards gathering credible information on the second phase of the voter registration
process and as part of the commitment to support democratic development and promote credible,
transparent and accountable electoral processes in Zimbabwe; the Election Resource Centre (ERC)
and Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) observed the second phase of the BVR blitz on
an independent and nonpartisan basis for all Zimbabweans. The joint observation effort served to
provide citizens and key stakeholders with accurate, independent, timely, and credible information
on the BVR blitz process. ERC and ZESN’s further objective was to ensure the 2022 BVR blitz
exercise was transparent, inclusive, and accountable as well as in conformity with regional and
international best practices.

Before the commencement of the phase 2 Registration Blitz, the Registrar General, began a
National Identity Document (ID card) issuance blitz on 01 April 2022. This was 10 days before
the second BVR blitz which was to begin on 11 April 2022. The national ID blitz will run until
September 2022 in all provinces across the country. A national ID is an important document for
one to register as a voter during the voter registration process. ERC, ZESN and other stakeholders
contend that without the issuance of IDs a large group of eligible Zimbabweans will be

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