Final ZESN 2018 Harmonised Election Report

In terms of the Constitution and Electoral Laws of Zimbabwe, in the normal course of events, the country conducts harmonised elections every five years. Following the end of the five-year term of the government that was elected in 2013, Zimbabweans went to the polls on 30 July 2018. This report presents ZESN’s observations of each sector of the electoral cycle: the pre-election, the polling, and the post-election periods. The observations were gathered through the deployment of 7240 trained observers: 210 Long Term Observers (LTOs)…more

30 July 2018 Election Observer Mission Reports

  1. Eminent Persons Observer Mission Report to the Zimbabwe Harmonised Elections 2018 ..more
  2. Commonwealth Election Observer Mission Report…more
  3. IRI/NDI Zimbabwe International Election Observation Mission Final Report…more
  4. European Union Election Observation Mission Report…more